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CutTime for Guardians & Students

Throughout this year, you will receive text messages from CutTime helps us communicate with you, assign instruments to students, collect fees/costs, communicate events, and track volunteer opportunities.

Text messaging is this software's primary communication method; each message will have a unique link to your profile. No password or login name is required with this magic link. We suggest bookmarking the unique link sent to you with..."save to home screen" which all smartphone provide.

If you haven't saved your unique link and need another one, use one of the following pages to have the link resent to your phone number on file. Student Accounts or Guardian Accounts.

If you're curious about the experience of CutTime for guardians and students, you can watch a few of their feature videos using this link.

If your phone number has changed, please get in touch with Mr. Adam Brown to have your information updated.

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